Rise and Shine, It’s Pancake Time!

This NFT game is all about pancakes. Collect recipes and ingredients, craft pancakes, fight and get special loot!


Exclusive Collection

Plins, crêpe, dorayaki and many more. Pancakes in all their variations are cherished and loved all over the world. That’s where we come in! We’ll show you the most delicious and weirdest pancakes you’ve ever seen. One tastier than the other, making them an excellent addition to your collection!

  • Fruity Pancakes
  • Savory Pancakes (soon)
  • … more Pancake types planned

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NFT Gallery

Collect the most delicious pancakes you’ve ever seen!

How to play?

It’s very easy and we’ll explain to you exactly how it works!

💸 1. Mint 💸

Mint your very own Pancake Recipe NFT.

🥚 2. Stake 🥚

Stake your Pancake Recipe NFT to get the needed ingredients to craft your Pancakes. Did we mention that every ingredient is also an NFT? Awesome!

🥞 3. Craft 🥞

With your freshly minted Ingredients you can start crafting Pancake NFTs depending on your Recipe.

🍽 4. Fight 🍽

Sweet. High in calories. Deadly. Feed the Bossmonster until it bursts! Use your freshly baked Pancake NFTs to defeat mighty foes!

🤩 5. Loot 🤩

What would a good Boss Fight be without awesome Loot, right? That’s why your bravery will be awarded with rare ingredients, legendary boss cards and more! Did we mention that all of these are NFTs?

🙏 6. Pray 🙏

Too many ingredients left over in your inventory? Challenge the Pancake gods and with a little luck you’ll not only get a freshly backed new Pancake NFT, but also the accompanying Pancake Recipe NFT with it! And even if you fail your little Pancake Experiment you’ll be awarded with, lets say, “something special” 👀


Find out in a few minutes what Power Plins is all about.

Recipe Collection




Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What is a "Plins"?

A “Plins” is in East-Central Germany a round pancake the size of a pan or smaller, baked on both sides until golden brown from a batter mixed from eggs, salt, milk and flour. In Saxon as well as in Sorbian, “plins” also colloquially refers to a person who is clumsy.

In short, you might now call us clumsy pancakes :3

How can I play?

Our game is live, so all you need to do is grab a pancake (mint here) and start the game (here). You can also check out our Quick Start Guide.

What's the Mint price?

To strike a fair balance and cover the development costs while still enabling as many people to get their moneys worth we are aiming at a WL Mint Price of 0.0211ETH ($29.99) and Public Mint Price of 0.0282ETH ($39.99) in ETH.

What chain is Power Plins on?

We are on Arbitrum One, simply for cheap gas reasons. Our game wouldn’t be fun if you’d need to spend $30+ in gas for every interaction.
We are also integrated into Treasure/Trove.

How do I find news about this project?

Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server. This is the easiest way to reach us and keep everyone up to date and together we can build an awesome community of pancake lovers!

Besides raffles, games and collaborations with other great projects you can expect the nicest community in the world! Because people who like pancakes can’t be bad people, right?

Can I see your white paper?

Sure! You can find our white paper over here!

Start Your Collection, Now!

Our Genesis Pancake Recipe NFTs are still available! The Benefits of our Genesis Mint are more and rarer ingredients in Staking, higher chances at the Shrine and free mint for our upcoming collections. You don’t want to miss out on them! Following the Genesis Collection we’ll have many more themed Pancake collections from all over the worlds cuisine. So check by regularly to get the hottest news and freshly made Pancakes!

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